The Story

Spell House is an incense boutique that is owned by a Green Witch.  It started with a fascination with nature, herbal remedies and magick, and transformed into a quest to find the best quality incense that used organic, natural ingredients, free of chemicals.  70-80% of the incense in the market nowadays is made up of chemicals.  

Our living spaces hold different kinds of energy structures and these structures can determine our psychological and emotional state.  These energy structures say a lot about us.  When you burn incense, you create a powerful effect on the atmosphere.  Incense can cleanse, purify and even kill bacteria in the air.  This is why it’s important for incense to use only natural ingredients sourced from mother nature. 

Combine nature with incense magic and you have the ability within yourself to transform your life.  This is how the Spell House Intention incense collection was birthed.  With simple rituals that use powerful intention setting techniques that raise our vibration in conjunction with high vibrational ingredients, you have the making of a very magical, transformative experience.  You are one step closer to manifesting all your desires. 

Spell House believes in holistic, natural living and can guarantee that Spell House works to preserve the relationship with Mother Earth by providing the best quality, green and organic products with eco-friendly packaging.  

Spell House can help you along your spiritual journey and help you find the magic within yourself. 

The magick is in you.