The Story

About Spell House

70-80% of incense on the market these days are made with chemicals.  Do you know the impact these products have on your wellbeing and environment?

Spell House started as a quest to make high quality incense that doesn’t sacrifice health by using natural ingredients.  It’s a way to work with the elements of nature, stay connected to nature and provide products that contribute to the preservation of nature and others well being.  That’s why Spell House only uses high quality essential oils and ingredients free of any harsh chemicals. 

Prana is the energetic life force so what you breathe in is important.  The best incense with the cleanest burn.  These are not your average incense.   

Experience it for yourself.

Founder Story

Pairing the right tools with intention is the fastest way to manifest what you desire.

I’m Kalyn and I’m a green witch.  Most people think hexes and black magic when they hear the term “witch” but what it really means is “one who is connected to nature”.   Perhaps bohemian nature lover would be a more socially acceptable term.

I work with the elements of nature because they naturally hold a high vibration and the magical properties of plants and herbs have long been used in holistic and aromatic medicine.  I want to build on and continue these traditions in a modernized way that is accessible to others to help improve their life through high vibrational products and rituals.